Art and Farewells

We woke up a bit sad today, knowing that it was our last full day in Tanzania. We spent a couple of hours at the art market, buying a large number of paintings, sculptures, and jewelry from our artist friends before breaking for lunch. After lunch, we met up with our SES students at a nearby soccer field and played another exciting game with them. We said our goodbyes to the students and sadly travelled back to Green Park Lodge to begin packing. There we enjoyed one last dinner with Tuma, his brother Amani, Mshindo, and Hawa. Overall this has been a productive and extremely enjoyable trip for everyone, and we will miss Tanzania and the people we’ve met here.

Val's Birthday!

While Ashley and Mshindo were visiting Mnindi, the "kids" once again spent the morning working with the SES students in the ASFE office. During the session, Tuma discreetly organized a surprise birthday party for Val. Ben, Sam, Val, Maura, and Caitlin spent the afternoon shopping before going to the roof of New Millennium to relax and enjoy the view of the fish market and the Indian Ocean below. We walked back to Green Park Lodge at 5 and were surprised by a large group of SES students jumping out from where they’d been hiding. We danced, ate cake, sang, and Val received cards and gifts. Overall the party was incredibly exciting and fun. We then had dinner at New Millennium and were introd

Orphanages and Preschools

After another morning of working with the SES students and a delicious lunch at Poa Poa, we traveled to Baobab Home, founded and run by Terry Place, a friend of ASFE. After visiting with the children in her orphanage, we walked a short distance to the school she had also founded to deliver supplies and meet the teachers. We then traveled to “Genius Free World” a small pre-school that ASFE is now planning on working with and funding. There we spoke with the founder about his goals and ambitions for the school and met his family. We ended the day with dinner at Old Millennium and watched another World Cup match.

Students Empowering Students' Perspective

We have been together with the students from America for two weeks. On the first day that we met with them we learned many things such as how to type, use the computers and how to improve our writing skills and sentence structure. On Thursday, 19 June, we spent much of the time with the students from America playing football, chasing and catching a chicken and doing egg races. On Friday we learned how to use past, future and present tense. I feel very happy with all my heart when we meet with the students from America. When they join us I feel glad to sit together. When we read magazines they make us happy. We told many funny stories together. The American students were so happy on the fir


We woke up early in the morning with grog in our eyes and fog in the skies and shared a delicious breakfast at the Rhino Lodge before leaving for a safari. None of us were fully prepared for the cold mountain weather, so after buying Maasai blankets, we headed off to see some wildlife. We ventured into Ngorongoro Crater and saw many wildebeest, zebras, and birds. We even got to see several male and female lions sleeping in the grass. After a long day of riding around the crater, we went back to the lodge for another spectacular meal. The next morning we woke up very early so we could fit in another safari before flying back to Dar. We went to Manyara Lake and were on the lookout for elepha

Tuma's Family

We woke up early this morning excited for the adventure we were about to have, but weary of the long day of traveling ahead of us. We drove to Dar Es Salaam and boarded a one-hour flight to Kilimanjaro which was pleasantly short compared to our original twelve-hour flight to Dubai. After arriving, we met our safari guides, Abbas and Mwita, at the airport, who then drove us to Tuma’s childhood home to meet his family. Tuma’s aunt Donista had prepared a delicious meal consisting of bananas and beef as well as large cups of their homemade banana beer, which we enjoyed while meeting other members of Tuma’s family, including his 107-year-old grandmother (bibi), Mary, as well as another of Tuma’s

A Day on the River

This morning we all woke up excited for the hippo safari we had planned for the day ahead. We left Green Park Village bright and early and met up with our safari guide Alan after a long and bumpy drive. We gathered into a boat and slowly motored down the river, encountering many groups of hippos submerged in the water and even passed by a few who were standing on the shore. We stopped on a small beach around noon and ate a delicious lunch of samosas and avocados provided by Alan before continuing on our safari. The drive home was long and we were all exhausted, but a run in with a herd of giraffe did well to boost our excitement. Overall, today was a fantastic break from teaching, and we wil

Traditional Tanzanian Dancing

Today was an exciting day. We continued our work with the SES students. Half the students wrote funny stories on the computers, then had them edited. The other half of the students went over English grammar rules, including pronouns and indirect and direct objects. In the afternoon, we went to see a traditional African dance performance with volunteers from Cross Cultural Solutions. A family of talented artists in Bagamoyo study traditional art and dance giving performances in Tanzania as well as abroad. The family of 70 people all live together in a compound. After the dancing we were served delicious hot tea and roasted groundnuts.

Students Empowering Students Session

Today was our first full day working with the Student Empowering Students program. A group of 14 students from Dunda and Hassanali Damji Secondary Schools met us at the ASFE office at 10 am. While six students worked on the computers in the office correcting their personal letters and improving their computer skills the rest of the students worked in the back space with Ben, Maura and Val using grammar books to improve their English. Once the students left we grabbed a quick lunch and then headed back to the office to work with a second large group of students at 3pm.

Painting and Wine Tasting

Today was a pretty relaxing day. In the morning we painted traditional African paintings. Our instructor liked Sam’s picture of a hippo the best. After our painting we visited a farm. Did you know you can make wine out of flowers and fruit other than grapes? We were treated to local Bagamoyo wine made from the hibiscus flower.

Mnindi & Magogoni

Today was quite the adventure we went to visit the two primary schools ASFE has built. The first school was in Mnindi where many Maasai live and we got to know a number of Maasai people, including Seretian (a women with Elephantiasis who Ashley has grown close to) and her newborn baby Ruth who is officially the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. Then we traveled to Magogoni, Pineapple land ,to see ASFE’s first completed school. Every one in the village was so nice banding together to push the car when we got stuck on the dirt roads, over and over and over again.

Beach Day

Today we got to hang out with the kids from AMAP, a preprimary school in Bagamoyo, on their beach day. The kids seemed shy at first, but quickly warmed up to us and the morning consisted of playing soccer, drawing in the sand, and multiple musical performances by the children (we haven’t been able to get their song “We Love You” out of our heads since). After our beach day with AMAP we walked around Bagamoyo getting more familiar with the town, and had our own beach day swimming in the ocean.

A Day in Dar es Salaam

On Thursday we went to pick up Ben at the airport and stopped at The University of Dar es Salaam to visit SES graduates Adam, Emmanuel and Rosemary. We were surprised by the size of the school and the number of international students in attendance. It was amazing how big their library was because of the lack of internet access, it must make school so difficult. After our tour we stopped at the mall on the way to the airport and were treated with American brand name snacks and finally got our Tanzanian beer. After sampling all the local brews over the past few days we decided our favorite is Kilimanjaro. Sam was happy to have his brother join us and welcomed him with open arms, although after


Mambo, Today Ashley, Sam, Caitlin, Maura, and Val joined me in Bagamoyo. It is first time in Bagamoyo for Caitlin, Maura and Val and they started their first full day with a history tour of Bagamoyo. While dodging speedy piki piki (motorcycle) they learned about Bagamoyo during the times of the slave trade. Afterwards they met up with Sam, Ashley, Tuma, Mshindo and myself, who had been on our own adventure: struggling to get the printer working in the ASFE office, at lunch at Poa Poa restaurant. We all indulged in delicious local cuisine: Tusker beer and Chapatti. The afternoon was spent wandering around the Bagamoyo art markets and experiencing the local culture, which included watching a l

Day One

Today was my fist full day in Tanzania. It was great to be back in Bagamoyo, so much has changed in the past 4 years. I spent the morning teaching computer skills to Mshindo and Tuma. I had a fun afternoon with the SES kids and we were able to skype with Ashley back in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Computer Classes

Libby has hit the ground running and is teaching the Asante Sana For Education staff and friends computer skills.

Libby's in Tanzania!

Libby has made her way to Tanzania and is already working in the office and teaching us all computer skills (I'm so jealous). We will be departing Sunday with pencils and erasers from Charter Oak School, sharpeners from Donna Cagen, soccer balls from Groton Parks and Recreation, books from Laura Appleton Smith and my brother Terry, donations of magazines and weekly Readers from Covenant Prep School in Hartford and Glastonbury High School and donations from the families traveling with me!

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