Days For Girls

“We need underpants!” Ashley blurted out halfway through our long and crowded car ride. We were on our way to the Magogoni Village to educate young girls about women’s health and provide sanitary products through a program called Days For Girls. When we realized we did not have underpants for all of the kits, we went on a scavenger hunt at the next roadside marketplace. When we finally found a little hut that sold girl’s underpants, it was the funniest thing ever to see our male ASFE director, Tuma, purchasing twenty pairs of pink polka-dot underpants from a ladies’ clothing shop. We shortly arrived at the Magogoni Primary School and were greeted by almost one hundred smiling young girls. Th

A day of introductions.

Wow! What a day! It is becoming clear that I may be saying that often while in Tanzania. We started our day with BEE Montessori Preschool. These kids, 2 1/2 to 5 years of age, are amazing! When we arrived a young girl was using a puzzle of the Africa continent. She took every country out of the wooden puzzle, named it and set it to the side. As she was doing this, and naming the country, she would say it aloud and the other children would then say it aloud. Each and every country, one by one. How many of you could do this? Because, I know I cannot. And, that isn’t all. Once she completed the task of naming each country, she then placed each one back into the puzzle where it belonged. Each an

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