On the "Road" to Magogoni.

The morning began with our usual beautiful sunrise and delicious breakfast at Travelers Lodge. We soon piled in to two vehicles, one that didn’t quite return as it started. Little did we know what an adventure we were in for! After starting off on the highway, we stopped along the way to a school where we made an appointment for a Days for Girls program and then generated multiple smiles and squeals of joy when we gave them two soccer balls to play with. A turn off the main road soon had us looking at what seemed like an endless dirt road filled with holes that proved to be challenging and sometimes scary. Along the way we saw Maasai and their cows getting watered but that was before the fo

Where in the World is BEE

Here’s my take on BEE. Here’s a little sing-along: “Continent, oh continent, oh do you know your continents? Asia, Africa, North & South America. Europe and Australia, Antarctica too.” Very good. Now here’s a little Pop quiz! Can you name all the countries on the continent of Africa? Neither can I. Since there are FIFTY-FOUR countries it’s no wonder. And to be quite honest, neither can the pre-schoolers at BEE Montessori Preschool run by Asante Sana for Education in Bagamoyo. Truth be told, they missed ONE. It was amazing to watch a 4 year old BEE student take a puzzle of Africa apart, name each country (okay, he missed one), and then put all the pieces back together again. This was all done

Fun with Students: Preschool to College

Friday (Day 5) we got to help the BEE Montessori Preschool children paint t-shirts. They came out six at a time, and watching their curiosity as to what was going on turn to an intense concentration on the task at hand was very heart warming. Several children tried to put their smocks on like jackets, with the open part in the front. And while it was nice to know they knew how to put on a jacket, we had put them through a confusing experience of wearing a smock so they wouldn’t get paint on their clothes. One little boy I helped chose the monkey stamp, and his precision in choosing colors, making sure the paint didn’t drip off of the brush, the way he’d pause after every stroke to look at hi

A Historic Walk

Our educational adventure to Bagamoyo with ASFE started out as it should, with an interesting and insightful historic walking tour with our very knowledgeable and friendly guide, Doto. We learned about the Arabic, German, and British influences as well as the history of the slave trade that was centered in Bagamoyo. Architecture is a mix of all past influences and of course the proximity to the Indian Ocean makes fishing and related industries very active. There’s no doubt we all got in our 10,000 steps well before a delicious lunch a Poa Poa. More educational adventure to come.

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