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Your tax-deductible gift to Asante Sana For Education helps to provide these deserving children the chance to enhance their education, support their families and give back to their own communities and future generations. 

What your donation can do:

       $25             School Uniform

       $50              Primary School Desk

       $100            SES Medical Endowment

       $150            Sponsor a Secondary Student

       $250            SES class lunch for one month (20 students)

       $350            Montessori Preschool Food and Cook per month

       $500            Sponsor an Advanced Level Secondary Student

       $650            Sponsor a BEE Montessori Preschool Student

       $1000          Sponsor a Vocational/College Student             

       $2000          Sponsor Montessori Teachers 

       $2500          Sponsor a University Student

       $15,000       Build a Classroom with Office

To  Give Online:

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Asante Sana for Education


To give by Postal Mail: 


  P.O. Box 270177

  West Hartford, CT 06127


Sponsor A Student

Your donation of $150 will cover a SES member's annual school fee including costs of paper, exams, and one uniform.

*An additional $25 will help to cover a student's basic medical needs.

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