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More than 50% of Tanzanian secondary school students failed in 2013.

Students Empowering Students

   The Students Empowering Students (SES) program of Asante Sana For Education gives secondary students opportunities to improve English and learn Computer skills during after-school, weekend  and holiday programs and sponsorship to further his/her education through Advanced Secondary and College and University. ASFE advices and guides the students through their studies and their applications for advanced secondary school, college and university.

     In exchange for students’ participation, ASFE eliminates the majority of the challenges students face attending secondary school, college, and university by covering most, if not all, of the school fees, board, food, transport and medical expenses for our Tanzanian Students Empowering Students members. 

SES Policies

       Students applying to the Students Empowering Students program must be accepted into a Government secondary school located in Bagamoyo and show  financial need. Students and their parents/guardians will interview at the office and during a home visit and once accepted follow all SES Policies which include:

- TIME: SES members are required to attend all our scheduled SES programs. Students must arrive ON TIME. 

- ATTENDANCE: Unexcused late arrivals will be dismissed from the day’s program. Three unexcused tardiness and/or absences will result in the student being removed from the SES program. 

- PERFORMANCE: Students must show good effort and performance at school both in the classroom and on exams. Students not demonstrating effort and/or showing  poor performance will be removed from the SES program. 

- EXAM RESULTS: Students in secondary school, college and university must submit full midterm and annual reports as soon as available from school (in person, by email or text message). Students must receive Division I or II on Form 4 and Form 6 exam results to continue with ASFE sponsorship. Continued sponsorship for students with Division III will be determined by past participation in SES programs and college acceptances.

- DRESS CODE: Students are to wear school uniform or the  ASFE

T-shirt. Tight fitting, transparent, and ragged clothing as well as low cut shirts and short skirts for girls and saggy pants for boys are not allowed. Hair must be neat. Anyone out of dress code will be required to leave the day’s activity and will be marked as an unexcused absence.

- COMMUNICATION: Communication among the student, parent/guardian and ASFE management is required. 

Requests by ASFE staff to talk or meet with student and/or parent/guardian must take place within 3 days time. Lack of response to request will result in the student being removed from the SES program.

 - VOLUNTEERING: SES members (Form 1-4) are required to volunteer in the community and/or at ASFE at least once quarterly. SES members (Forms 5 and 6, college and university) spending school break in Bagamoyo must report to ASFE office to discuss volunteer work. Volunteer opportunities and volunteer documentation forms are available at the ASFE office.

- RESPECT: SES members MUST RESPECT all people in ASFE and the community as well as all ASFE property. If a SES member is disrespectful to others or ASFE property he/she will be immediately removed from the SES program.

- DISCIPLINE: SES members will be removed from the SES program if they fail to follow the above policies or receive a disciplinary action at school.

SES Volunteering with BEE Montessori Preschool, BagaBeach Lovers, Days For Girls and SES Tutoring and Mentoring.

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