"Education is not a way to escape poverty, it is a way of fighting it."
- Julius Kambarage Nyerere -
First President of Tanzania
Our Mission:

To empower Tanzanian youth and strengthen communities through education.

BEE Montessori Preschoolers starts everyday dancing.

BEE Move It

BEE Move It

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     The Coronavirus first hit Tanzania on March 16th and all schools were closed the following day including our own BEE Montessori Preschool and our Students Empowering Students program. 

     The majority of our Preschool and SES students come from the most vulnerable homes and they needed our support more than ever. ASFE provided our students'  families and local artists with food, masks and soap so the get the nutritional support and hygiene they need to survive this Covid -19 Pandemic as well as school packets for our preschoolers and group chats with SES members so they could continue to learn and keep us informed of their health and safety during the 3 months schools were closed. 

Covid -19 Response

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100% of all proceeds support Asante Sana For Education programs, students and communities.

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"Asante Sana" is the Swahili translation of "Thank you very much."