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On the "Road" to Magogoni.

The morning began with our usual beautiful sunrise and delicious breakfast at Travelers Lodge. We soon piled in to two vehicles, one that didn’t quite return as it started. Little did we know what an adventure we were in for! After starting off on the highway, we stopped along the way to a school where we made an appointment for a Days for Girls program and then generated multiple smiles and squeals of joy when we gave them two soccer balls to play with.

A turn off the main road soon had us looking at what seemed like an endless dirt road filled with holes that proved to be challenging and sometimes scary. Along the way we saw Maasai and their cows getting watered but that was before the fork in the road. Our vehicle driver, Peter, decided to take the lead and soon parts of the van started to rattle and scratch and when we finally approached the school, Peter decided to gun it and before we could stop we ended up with a broken windshield and flat tire! Yikes!

The drive was worth it when we got to see the school buildings in the center of pineapple fields that make such a difference for these children in this remote area.

Again soccer balls were distributed to many squeals of joy.

The drive back was much less eventful and soon we were back in Bagamoyo. lunch at Poa Poa and off we went to back to BEE to finish the rest of the kits for Days for Girls and back to the lodge for dinner. We had a lot to remember about our day and grateful that we made it back to our “new home” again.

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