Ben Returns to Bagamoyo

After landing at the Julius Nyerere International Airport on Tuesday night, I was glad to be greeted by Jack and Tuma, who drove me through the busy streets of Dar es Salaam to our home base in Bagamoyo. I look forward to spending the next few months working alongside members of the ASFE staff in our quest to offer additional education opportunities to members of the SES (Students Empowering Students) program. Jack, Tuma, and I spent Wednesday afternoon tutoring members of the SES program; specifically, we focused on computer skills and reading. I haven’t spent time with the SES students since last June, and therefore it was great to catch up with the students who arrived to the tutoring s

Ullswater College Visits Bagamoyo

This weekend we were fortunate enough to meet and work with 26 British students and teachers from Ullswater Community College. Teachers from this school first visited Bagamoyo six years ago and have developed a partnership with Asante Sana For Education recently. They play a vital role in continuing the operations of AMAP Preschool, a pre-primary school in Bagamoyo with over 90 students. Volunteers from Ullswater Community College hold a math lesson Each student volunteer personally raised the funds for their adventure to Tanzania. In addition to teaching this weekend, the group donated books and supplies to complete an entire library at the preschool! Prior to teaching at AMAP Preschool

A Trip to the Hospital

It was a beautiful afternoon in June when Emma, her sister Kikka and I left Bagamoyo to pick up Seratiani, her mother and young daughter in their village in Mnindi. For years ASFE has been trying to find help for Seratiani who is suffering from a severe case of Elephantitis in her left leg. We have been turned down by three hospitals in Dar es Salaam and side tracked by her pregnancy and the birth of Ruth the day after Christmas 2013. This was to be our last chance. We were going to Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam but first, due to the long distance, we needed to get them to Bagamoyo. The drive between Bagamoyo and Mnindi included 47 kilometers of rained-out dirt roads and a rutted tarma

Bernard Goes to College

We are extremely excited to say that Asante Sana For Education was able to send Bernard Sylvery, 21, to college on Saturday morning. He will be attending a college in the city of Dodoma named the Local Government Training Institute. Bernard has been an active member of Students Empowering Students since the program was founded in 2012. He is originally from a town called Mara in the northeastern part of Tanzania but relocated to Bagamoyo after his father passed away in 2012. Bernard faced and overcame many obstacles while in Bagamoyo but managed to graduate from Hassanali Secondary School in 2014, where he served as the president of the Students Empowering Students Program. Bernard is the

Week Two in Bagamoyo

It’s been another productive week here with Asante Sana for Education in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. The JacksGap camera crew left on Sunday night and we quickly got back to business as usual. ASFE wants to sincerely thank JacksGap for all the work they have done, and we cannot wait to see their final product. The JacksGap camera crew working at Mnindi Primary School We spent the first part of the week working with teachers and students at the AMAP Preschool. Nathan Washburn and Grace Miller were able to completely reorganize the school’s supplies in between teaching English classes to preschool grades 1-3. The electricians also finished up their first installation of lighting in the school. Pl

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