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Artwork, Music and Good Food

Our first Saturday for the Summer 2019 Trip was a day full of artwork, music, and good food. We started off the day walking to the Bagamoyo art market and looking at the beautiful sculptures, jewelry, and paintings that the very talented Bagamoyo artists have so beautifully crafted. There was a variety of artwork to choose from and each piece was exceptional. The artists captured the beauty of the Serengeti, the customs of the Maasai Tribe, the nature of the African animals, and much more. Trip participants, Gina and Carly, even got written messages on the painting of their choice from the artist.

After seeing this beautiful artwork, we ate lunch at Firefly, where we had amazing food in a beautiful environment, including the pleasure of banana coconut milkshakes :) Our afternoon consisted of painting lessons back at the art market with two amazing artists. They had us choose a painting out of the market as an inspiration for what we wanted to paint. We are hoping that our paintings will look just like the paintings we picked out! The first day of painting consisted of painting the backgrounds in which we got to work with blending colors, tracing outlines and animals, and learning new techniques from some of the most talented artists in Bagamoyo. We had a nice, relaxing night after our fun-filled day, and we are looking forward to our next adventures.

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