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Where in the World is BEE

Here’s my take on BEE.

Here’s a little sing-along: “Continent, oh continent, oh do you know your continents? Asia, Africa, North & South America. Europe and Australia, Antarctica too.”

Very good. Now here’s a little Pop quiz!

Can you name all the countries on the continent of Africa?

Neither can I. Since there are FIFTY-FOUR countries it’s no wonder. And to be quite honest, neither can the pre-schoolers at BEE Montessori Preschool run by Asante Sana for Education in Bagamoyo. Truth be told, they missed ONE. It was amazing to watch a 4 year old BEE student take a puzzle of Africa apart, name each country (okay, he missed one), and then put all the pieces back together again. This was all done in English and as he named a country he would hold it up and the class would repeat the name of the country. There was very little prompting from these extraordinary teachers apparently because they had already done a great job of preparing these kids. A very impressive geography lesson at BEE Montessori Preschool.

Thumz zup

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