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A day of introductions.

Wow! What a day! It is becoming clear that I may be saying that often while in Tanzania. We started our day with BEE Montessori Preschool.

These kids, 2 1/2 to 5 years of age, are amazing! When we arrived a young girl was using a puzzle of the Africa continent. She took every country out of the wooden puzzle, named it and set it to the side. As she was doing this, and naming the country, she would say it aloud and the other children would then say it aloud. Each and every country, one by one. How many of you could do this? Because, I know I cannot. And, that isn’t all. Once she completed the task of naming each country, she then placed each one back into the puzzle where it belonged. Each and every one. And, oh yeah, all of the words spoken while doing this exercise were spoken in English! Incredibly amazing!

The afternoon was spent with the older students who ASFE supports. Their exercise was to pick a story out of a book, read it and then tell us about the story. There were four young ladies and five young men (ages 17 -21) who were all about to leave Bagamoyo for advanced studies or college. Each of these students stood in front of us (total strangers) and told us what they read about and again, they read and spoke in English. I am so impressed by these students. I wonder what it would be like to be capable of being fluent in two languages as these young kids did on this day. There really are no words to describe their intelligence.

ASFE provides these children and young adults opportunities that would be very difficult to obtain without the organization. What an honor it is for me to travel with and learn firsthand along with them on this adventure.

It was a great day and made my heart smile!

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