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Val's Birthday!

While Ashley and Mshindo were visiting Mnindi, the "kids" once again spent the morning working with the SES students in the ASFE office. During the session, Tuma discreetly organized a surprise birthday party for Val.

Ben, Sam, Val, Maura, and Caitlin spent the afternoon shopping before going to the roof of New Millennium to relax and enjoy the view of the fish market and the Indian Ocean below. We walked back to Green Park Lodge at 5 and were surprised by a large group of SES students jumping out from where they’d been hiding. We danced, ate cake, sang, and Val received cards and gifts. Overall the party was incredibly exciting and fun. We then had dinner at New Millennium and were introduced to Mshindo’s daughter Hawa. We cheered for the USA soccer team in their World Cup match while we ate another late dinner.

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