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We have been together with the students from America for two weeks. On the first day that we met with them we learned many things such as how to type, use the computers and how to improve our writing skills and sentence structure. On Thursday, 19 June, we spent much of the time with the students from America playing football, chasing and catching a chicken and doing egg races. On Friday we learned how to use past, future and present tense.

I feel very happy with all my heart when we meet with the students from America. When they join us I feel glad to sit together. When we read magazines they make us happy. We told many funny stories together. The American students were so happy on the first day we met. We enjoy working together and now we are friends with them. The experience has taught me to write letters and compositions using my own words. They taught me how to use different tenses which made me happy and now I can learn as much as possible.

Bernard Sylvery

Hassanali Damji Secondary School, Form 4

SES President

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