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We woke up early in the morning with grog in our eyes and fog in the skies and shared a delicious breakfast at the Rhino Lodge before leaving for a safari. None of us were fully prepared for the cold mountain weather, so after buying Maasai blankets, we headed off to see some wildlife.

We ventured into Ngorongoro Crater and saw many wildebeest, zebras, and birds. We even got to see several male and female lions sleeping in the grass. After a long day of riding around the crater, we went back to the lodge for another spectacular meal.

The next morning we woke up very early so we could fit in another safari before flying back to Dar. We went to Manyara Lake and were on the lookout for elephants because we had yet to see any. While we were riding through the beautiful forests we spotted about eight elephants on the side of the path. One by one, they crossed the road right in front of our vehicles.

It was an amazing feeling sitting on the roof of a safari vehicles and being eye to eye with such a beautiful animal. Our weekend trip to Kilimanjaro was successful because we got to see “the big five”: lion, elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, and rhino. On the flight back to Dar, we even got to see the top of Mount Kilimanjaro above the clouds.

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