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"Amazing Grace" Makes a Difference

This May, Grace left her high school in Connecticut to participate in a three-week ASFE student service trip in Tanzania. While in Tanzania, Grace worked with young students at both AMAP Preschool and Sarah Day Care Center, tutored and socialized with secondary students in our Students Empowering Students program, partook in Skype sessions with various elementary, middle, and high school students in Connecticut and Massachusetts, visited primary schools built by ASFE, went on safari, and enjoyed spending time with the JacksGap team. Although her three weeks of working with ASFE in Tanzania were very productive, she did not stop there.

In late June, Grace continued her participation with ASFE by organizing a fundraiser of Halo chargers ( in her hometown. Through her fundraiser, Grace raised enough money for the Advanced Secondary School tuition of 4 SES students (Hassani, Jafari, Hashu, and Kiyumbi), as well as the tuition of Benard's first semester of college. During her time in Tanzania, Grace spread her enthusiasm and determination to make a difference, which has positively influenced many of those associated with ASFE.

Thanks to the assistance of numerous individuals, classes, clubs, and schools, Asante Sana For Education has successfully been able to build and furnish primary schools, as well as send hundreds of students to preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Students have helped fundraise our missions by selling African art and bracelets provided by ASFE, selling plants donated by local farmers, organizing coin drives, organizing store fundraising programs at local restaurants and shops, and by hosting ASFE presentations at their schools, clubs, and places of worship. Anyone is capable of making a difference and changing the life of an individual and their community.

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