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Here's whats been happening in Tanzania. Friday we went to meet with the community of Mnindi to discuss the delay on their school. They were obviously concerned, frustrated and a little bit angry. We believe they felt better and reassured after our visit.

Saturday was a day I spent attached to my computer (beginning at 8am) as I prepared first by myself, and later joined by Mshindo for a meeting with the Minister of Education's attorney and our architect. The preparations were well worth it as we had a long productive meeting. I finally finished my work as dinner was served at 10pm.

Today we are off to visit Hassan Munga at the Muslem University of Morogoro. Hassan has started and been running a Students Empowering Students Club at the University since he began there and his club is working with 2 primary schools in his area. We cant wait to see him but it will be a long, hot drive.

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