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Getting Ready to Leave for Tanzania

Asante sana to everyone who have donated and written letters! I have packed letters from Glastonbury High School graduates, Simsbury High School, Conard High school's Girl Rising Club, Whately Elementary School in Whately, Mass and Barlow Mountain School in Ridgefield, Ct.

I have also packed hand sewn pencil cases filled with supplied with pencils,paper, crayons and erasers by the lovely Sister Rita of the Sisters of Saint Joseph's, toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by Dr. Douggggggy Hope and his lovelier wife Cathy, school supplies from many friends, schools and family. And an extra special thanks to Conard High School for their donation of the books "I am Malala" which I will have the Students Empowering Students Club members read and the girls keep.

There is a little more packing to do and a 4am wake up and off we go.