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Two Years Later, Progress Surrounds Me

I last left Tanzania in August of 2015, saddened by the uncertainty of when I would be back. Since then, I have completed my final year of undergraduate studies at Union College (NY), followed by a Master of Science degree in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford. Over the past two years, I have done a considerable amount of travelling: ten months in the UK, two months in Albania, and brief trips to Morocco, Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Kenya, and Macedonia. However, I have longed for my return to Bagamoyo, Tanzania – a place that I have found unlike any other.

I’ve missed my days of working with secondary school students in the ASFE office, laughing in the shops of artists, and watching dhow boats depart the beach at sunrise. I’ve found that when I tell stories, most have been about my happy times in Bagamoyo. Nostalgic feelings have been frequent: smells that remind me of the local fish market, songs that prompt memories of the drives to work on the Bagamoyo dirt roads, and even simple sounds such as ocean waves crashing on the shore.

After two long years, I am thrilled to be back.