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Student Introduction- Zacharia Salenga

Meet Zacharia Salenga.

Zacharia Salenga is 19 years old. He lives in Bagamoyo, Tanzania in a three-room home with both parents and two other relatives. He graduated from Hassanal Damji Secondary School in 2014 and has been a member of Students Empowering Students since 2012.

Zacharia’s ambition is to attend a science teaching college so he can help his parents at home and support his relatives to achieve their dreams. Zacharia was accepted into the University of Dodoma in Dodoma to attend the course of Education and is scheduled to start classes in October 31st 2015.

Zacharia relies on the support of Asante Sana For Education to attend school, as he cannot afford to do so on his own. Zacharia’s tuition fees for college are $600 per year.

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