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Bernard Goes to College

We are extremely excited to say that Asante Sana For Education was able to send Bernard Sylvery, 21, to college on Saturday morning. He will be attending a college in the city of Dodoma named the Local Government Training Institute.

Bernard has been an active member of Students Empowering Students since the program was founded in 2012. He is originally from a town called Mara in the northeastern part of Tanzania but relocated to Bagamoyo after his father passed away in 2012. Bernard faced and overcame many obstacles while in Bagamoyo but managed to graduate from Hassanali Secondary School in 2014, where he served as the president of the Students Empowering Students Program.

Bernard is the perfect example of why we find the Students Empowering Students Program so important. Without ASFE’s assistance, Bernard would not have been able to complete secondary school. Because of his hard work, Bernard now has the opportunity to attend a great college that specializes in his career interests. Through SES, Bernard has drastically improved his English and made many friends in the community.

Asha, another SES graduate, greeted Bernard at the bus stop when he arrived in Dodoma on Saturday. Asha is showing Bernard around his new home and college. We wish Bernard the best of luck in school, and look forward to keeping in touch!

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