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A Letter from a Graduate

The life events I will never forget.

It was at my University (Saint Augustine University of Tanzania - SAUT) on the year 2011 when I was selected to join the undergraduate programs pursuing my BA in Sociology. When arrived there, I experienced culture shock for it was my first time to be at that strange environment with a lot of staffs to be completed with this single head.

With no enough tuition fee, no accommodation and pocket money for survival, I felt like I will be taken home and lost that golden chance in my life. While trying to see on how can I get out of that trap, I received a message on my face book account from one of the Education supporting NGO (Asante Sana For Education) that, the organization supports the students who are members of Students Empowering Students from Bagamoyo Secondary School in their higher learning institutions to help them complete their studies and reach their dreams.

This was a very nice and unforgotten support that I and my colleagues enjoy as part of the kindness things done by that organization to us for myself I enjoy the learning environment from my first year to third year with no fear of getting bothered on some university payments and other life cost at college. When trying to see what we can give back to our supporters (ASANTE SANA FOR EDUCATION), of course NOTHING we can pay for your great support towards our great academic endeavor.

It is because of that KINDNESS support now I am a Bachelor Degree holder and enjoying working on solving individual social and Environmental problems in this world. “I am because we are”.

That is a great support we enjoyed and make most of to be where we are now today and have a better chance to view things in a universal way! Be blessed one be blessed all!

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