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Tell me about some recent memories that make you smile

This month's prompt is. "Tell me about some recent memories that make you smile." This response from S.E.S. member Ruzna makes me smile and shows why we do what we do. Uncle Tuma ( director of SES) is a great asset to ASFE!


The recent memory that makes me smile is when I remember the way Uncle Tuma is teaching us. This guy is so funny and he has many techniques to teach us, especially when he see the students are tired. He makes some jokes and fun stories that make us laugh like crazy people. After that he his continues with the lesson while the students are tired but are happy and want to listen him.(Uncle Tuma is working with Asante Sana For Education) I remember and smile about Tuma's lessons when our regular teachers are teaching with their serious faces.

I also remember my friends who like to joke with me when we are in the classroom so I miss them when they are absent.

Ruzna Rwambo

Form 3, Dunda Secondary School

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