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The Minister of Education visits Mnindi Primary School

We arose early Saturday morning, picked up Mshindo (recovering from Malaria once again), Tuma and Mama Sophia and headed to Mnindi Primary School for a meeting with the Honorable Dr. Shukuru Kawambwa, Member of Parliament, Minister of Education and Vocational Training.

The excitement at Mnindi was overwhelming. Children surrounded our car as we drove in and parked. Most of the students and teachers were there as well as the community leaders and our design and construction teams. Jack and Tuma played a hardy game of football (soccer) with the students as we waited for the Minister’s arrival.

Dr. Kawambwa was all smiles as he drove in and saw our beautiful primary school in Tanzania coming to life. He spent time with the construction crew, the design team, the community leaders, the teachers, the students and us. It was a very good day. We were happy to add the excitement by informing the minister that the NGO Room To Read will build and stock a new library or Mnindi Primary School in 2015.

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