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Mnindi Primary School and Room to Read

On Thursday, the morning after our late night arrival, Jack Tuma and I headed to Mnindi Primary School to check on the progress and meet with an NGO (Non-Government Organization). On my last visit in late June, the construction crew where demolishing and rebuilding the eight partially completed foundations from the previous contractor’s poor work. It was wonderful to round the corner and see classrooms rising from the ground.

One classroom with an office has its roof and they were plastering the inside walls; another has the plaster and the roof is going up. The four remaining classrooms are in various stages and one of the two staff houses has it interior and exterior walls going up. What a beautiful sight!

Students from pre-primary through Standard 3 were working in the old classroom, outside and in a makeshift tin shack as they wait for the classrooms to be completed. Nothing can stop them from school now.

The highlight of our visit was meeting with the NGO Room to Read to discuss the possibility of building a library. They will built it, stock it and train the teachers in using it.

It was a great first day in Tanzania.

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