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Today Ashley, Sam, Caitlin, Maura, and Val joined me in Bagamoyo. It is first time in Bagamoyo for Caitlin, Maura and Val and they started their first full day with a history tour of Bagamoyo. While dodging speedy piki piki (motorcycle) they learned about Bagamoyo during the times of the slave trade. Afterwards they met up with Sam, Ashley, Tuma, Mshindo and myself, who had been on our own adventure: struggling to get the printer working in the ASFE office, at lunch at Poa Poa restaurant. We all indulged in delicious local cuisine: Tusker beer and Chapatti. The afternoon was spent wandering around the Bagamoyo art markets and experiencing the local culture, which included watching a local artist carve a sculpture. We are currently waiting on mama Sophia to go for dinner at Millennium, a restaurant over looking the beach on the Indian Ocean.

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