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A Wonderful Place

What a wonderful place to be to escape the cold, snow and ice of Connecticut! Tuma, Mshindo, Mama Sophia and I have been working very hard that it seems as if I have already been here for a week not just 2 days.

We have met with SES club members from both Hassanal and Dunda Secondary Schools. The SES members stayed after school for an extra 3 hours to work with us and are progressing very well in their studies in the classroom and with us. We spent time working on their writing on the laptops, reading letters from American students and studying proper use of grammar. Thanks to donations we gave all the boys the book "The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind" and all dove right into it.

Dunda Secondary School held elections today for the new president and Vice President of the SES Club (attached photos) which was so nice to witness. The students at both schools are very excited to welcome the 6 students traveling with me in June.

Thursday evening Mshindo and I have been invited to meet with Dr. Kawambwa, Minister of Education, in Dar es Salaam. We are hoping that our conversations with him will lead to the successful conclusion of our struggles in completing Mnindi primary School. I must say I. Am not looking forward to the long drive home in the dark.

We have had several wonderful meals with our group plus Emma (Tuma's beautiful fiancé) all full of great discussions about our goals, Tanzanian traditions, life here and in America and so much laughter my stomach hurts.

My evening was completed tonight when a enormous panya buku ( rat) ran in front of my car as I was bringing Tuma and Mshindo home.

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