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Ullswater College Visits Bagamoyo

This weekend we were fortunate enough to meet and work with 26 British students and teachers from Ullswater Community College. Teachers from this school first visited Bagamoyo six years ago and have developed a partnership with Asante Sana For Education recently. They play a vital role in continuing the operations of AMAP Preschool, a pre-primary school in Bagamoyo with over 90 students.

Volunteers from Ullswater Community College hold a math lesson

Each student volunteer personally raised the funds for their adventure to Tanzania. In addition to teaching this weekend, the group donated books and supplies to complete an entire library at the preschool! Prior to teaching at AMAP Preschool, the group also spent a week volunteering at an orphanage and school in Dar es Salaam.

AMAP's library is fully stocked thanks to Ullswater Community College!

ASFE would like to sincerely thank the volunteers of Ullswater Community College for their donated supplies and time teaching at AMAP this weekend. We look forward to working together in the future and wish you all the best of luck on the remainder of your journey!

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