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A Day in Dar es Salaam

On Thursday we went to pick up Ben at the airport and stopped at The University of Dar es Salaam to visit SES graduates Adam, Emmanuel and Rosemary. We were surprised by the size of the school and the number of international students in attendance. It was amazing how big their library was because of the lack of internet access, it must make school so difficult.

After our tour we stopped at the mall on the way to the airport and were treated with American brand name snacks and finally got our Tanzanian beer. After sampling all the local brews over the past few days we decided our favorite is Kilimanjaro.

Sam was happy to have his brother join us and welcomed him with open arms, although after a two-day plane ride Ben was just excited to finally be on the ground. Unfortunately his trip continued with an extremely long drive back to Bagamoyo.

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